How to travel when on your period.

Travelling is fun. But travelling when on your period is not that fun (in my experience). It can be a bit touch and go. Cramps, bloating, chocolate cravings. How can you deal with those when trying to get out and sightsee?

How to travel when on your period:

When I’ve travelled when on my period, I have had to find ways that make it easier, especially when going on long car journeys, plane journeys, or just day-to-day sightseeing.

As I’ve travelled more and more, and seemed to book flights that coincide with my periods (why, oh why do I do that to myself!), I have realised that it’s always better to be prepared. I think that making sure you have a toiletry bag of supplies with you is probably one of the best things you could do.

However, recently, I have found some products that have made my life easier and I don’t need to worry about finding a toilet to change in.

Moving onto a menstrual cup and period undies have made my life when travelling that much easier. At first, I was really scared of moving onto a cup, because there was that fear of ‘losing it in there’. But, it’s actually been like a miracle for me. I can keep the cup in from 7am to 9pm, and change it again for overnight. That really saves me the hassle of trying to find a bathroom in which to change my pad or tampon. For those lighter days, I have been using period undies.

Having the period cup means that I also don’t need to worry about changing constantly when I’m flying. Plane toilets are gross, and having to change pads or tampons when on a plane is always really yuck.

It’s really made me realise just how much plastic goes into making pads and tampons, and I think that cups and period undies should be an option for more people (the price of paying for the cup and undies is a bit shocking at first, but it really works out cheaper in the long run!).

Another way I deal with my period when travelling is through using painkillers.

That isn’t my preferred way of dealing with cramps, but it helps. Usually I like to lie in bed with a heat pack and chocolate (and I have been guilty of doing that when travelling).

I try to make sure I have plenty of food and water when I have my period.

I like eating carbs, but I do find that fresh fruit and veges actually make me feel less bloated.

Have an easy day.

I find that planning a slightly easier day, where I can spend some time just relaxing in a cute cafe, or looking at art in a gallery, actually makes me feel better. Taking things at a slower pace and appreciating my surroundings, rather than having a rush day, just really relaxes me. Taking photos, doing some writing and prepping things for my blog is one of my favourite ways to relax when on my period (and pretty much any day).

What are some ways you ‘deal’ with your period when travelling.

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