Let’s talk dating

For those of you new to this blog, you may not know it, but I am a serial dater. And not, that is not a bad thing (I think?). The reason why I am a serial dater is that I find it hard to meet someone who treats me the way I think I should be treated.

Some people have told me to just let some of my expectations go. But that’s kind of hard when you’re asked:

“wanna shag?”

Nah man, I’ve just met you.

Or even:

“what nipple shape do you have?”

Like, why is my nipple shape so interesting to you? Why do you want to know? And I didn’t actually know there were different nipple shapes until I was asked that question. I thought nipples were just nipples.

I don’t know about you, but do you like sharing stories about your nipples on a first date?

I like to be treated with respect, and I like getting to know people through conversation.

Everyone has their own preferences.

How do you like getting to know someone on a first date?

Author: kate

I'm a blogger who decided on a whim to create a magazine. The Corsetry is my brain child.

3 thoughts on “Let’s talk dating”

  1. In today’s age, everyone seems to begin meeting someone new on the internet. Maybe you should try and wait for something natural. Those are the ones which become a story, that you can recite to your kids. 🙂

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    1. That’s what I’ve decided to do! I think that internet dating is an amazing invention (my sister met her husband online), but there have been so many bad experiences that I feel like I just need to wait for something more natural!


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