MIND VS MACHU PICCHU Taking the path less travelled.

Machu Picchu has been part of my bucket list for years. Upon researching different hikes, I found a lesser known path called the Lares Trek, a route taking you through indigenous communities, 8 hours a day. Feeling already empowered that I was about to embark on a world wide trip, solo still massively suffering from my diagnosed Depression and Anxiety, I thought to myself, might as well add in an unknown hike to the itinerary!

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How to travel when on your period.

Travelling is fun. But travelling when on your period is not that fun (in my experience). It can be a bit touch and go. Cramps, bloating, chocolate cravings. How can you deal with those when trying to get out and sightsee?

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What I Learnt from Letting a Guy Walk All Over Me

what i learnt from letting a guy walk all over me
what i learnt from letting a guy walk all over me

About three or four years ago there was this guy in my school who I had never really encountered before, however when I did see him for the first time, I felt an instant attraction to him. Me being me, I point blank refused to ever admit to him that I liked him but would keep on trying to drop subtle hints. I guess I feared being hurt. Over time he started liking me too and I thought ‘finally, a guy that I actually like also has feelings for me’ and I could not be happier.

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Why ‘The Corsetry’?

When I decided to name this magazine, I was trying to find something that really indicated that this was a magazine for all women where we could talk about anything (although, I don’t particularly agree with corsets and what they do to our body!).

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